Prairie Winds Nature Farm

The Wolfe family, Lakeville Indiana

Heritage Farm Animals
Heritage farm animals are breeds that were common on farms prior to the development of more specialized, industrial breeds.  They are generally multi-purpose and do well in a sustainable pasture system like ours.  We currently have Cotswold sheep, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Dominique chickens, and a Milking Devon cow.  In 2006 we raised a feeder group of 4 Tamworth hogs.  The Christmas ham was "the best we ever tasted!" according to several families that purchased the meat.  We are interested in networking with people in our area that are interested in using heritage farm animals for food and fiber and thus increasing the animals' numbers and genetic strength.  The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy conservation priority list and technical assistance has driven our heritage breed selection and marketing efforts.

Maxi Jr. is a registered Cotswold, seen here with her 2 lambs in 2005.   We have Cotswolds registered in both ACRA and BCA registries.  We have breeding stock available from time to time, give us a call if you would like to add a Cotswold to your flock, or start a flock of these beautiful, rare sheep.  Cotswold wool provides lustrous, curly locks for spinning or crafts.

The original Maxi in all her finery

Cotswold locks

Needle felted items including Santa with Cotswold locks beard

Cotswold blend yarn, bulky, $25 per skein plus shipping.  It's a really unique yarn, millspun but made to mimic homespun- lustrous and fairly soft.  I can send you a snip sample if you are interested!  I have grey and a light brown/white candystripe.  Support the Cotswold breed---

Milking Devon cow

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